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What is WeTheStudy?

WeTheStudy is a website that aims to help create problem-solvers. It offers an educational platform through its "Tree of Knowledge" - a tool in which learning is made by discovering connections among ideas.

What is the Tree of Knowledge?

The Tree of Knowledge is a visual learning app. It shows an overview of different ideas from various disciplines and how they relate together. With an account, you can use it to see and track your learning experience literally.

How to use the Tree?

We have a dedicated article on how you should use the Tree. Please check it out at this link.

How do I track my progress?

Note that this feature only works if you're a member.

If you are a member, you should see either a "Mark as Complete" or "Mark as Incomplete" button on the navigation panel when reading a post.

When you click the "Mark as Complete" button, its corresponding node in the Tree of Knowledge will light up. Any completed adjacent nodes (parent or children) will have their connections light up.

On the other hand, if you click on the "Mark as Incomplete" button for articles you have checked as completed, the node will return to its unlit state, including the branches that connect to it.

How do you master nodes?

Note that this feature only works if you're a member. To master nodes, press the "Master Node" button in the article. Take a quiz and successfully pass to register that node as mastered. When you revisit the Tree, you should see it light up.

What are Tracks?

Tracks are collections of nodes. Aim to master all of the nodes in a Track to get a certificate. To learn more, click here.

How do I know which nodes belong to a Track?

Find the encircled nodes in the Tree. Those are the nodes belonging to the currently selected track.

How do we change the currently selected track?

Click on the Track card in the bottom-right corner of the screen (desktop version). A pop-up will show. Click on any of the items to change the currently selected track. It will also change the encircled nodes in the Tree.

How to obtain a Track Certificate?

Successfully master all the nodes in a given track. You can view your progress by viewing the tracks at the Tree's bottom-right. If you've mastered all nodes, you can download a certificate by clicking on the button above the currently selected track.

How can I check if a certificate is authentic?

You can contact us to verify the certificate's authenticity. We are working on a feature to help others check a certificate's authenticity by visiting a page.