We help you connect the dots.

WeTheStudy is a unique learning platform that helps you see the link among ideas.

We believe that learning
becomes enlightening when
you can see the connections

Challenges of Today's Education

Siloed education limits the full potential of learning

Ideas Are Meant To Be Connected

Interdisciplinary learning maximizes our problem-solving abilities

The Tree of Knowledge

A new interdisciplinary learning platform

See ideas in a new perspective
Visually learn new ideas
Discover connections

Visual Collection of Ideas

The tree consists of nodes representing various ideas connected by paths.


Personalized Tree

Discover new ideas from nodes. Mark your learning progress. See a visual of your learning journey.


Connection-Based Learning

Find connections from various disciplines.


Competency-Based Credential

Master series of nodes. Get a certificate when you master a track

Over 100+ Ideas

We are in the process of making our tree better
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