Let's Make This World
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In a world filled with all sorts of problems, we need more people capable of creating solutions.

WeTheStudy (WTS) is a platform dedicated to create problem solvers. Our goal here is to enlighten and help people.

How do we help create problem-solvers?
Tree of Knowledge

Tree of Knowledge

We want to create natural, organic, enlightening, and easy-to-understand content by emphasizing learning through connections.


Meet the people behind WeTheStudy
Edgar Christian Dirige

Edgar Christian Dirige, creator of WeTheStudy, is a civil engineer and corporate secretary at EED FRDC in Baguio City, Philippines. With a Summa Cum Laude Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from Saint Louis University, he's been recognized as the Most Outstanding Civil Engineering Student of the Philippines and one of the Jose Rizal Model Student in the year 2017.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Edgar is dedicated to creating solutions that benefit everyone, all while indulging in his passions for coding, narrative-driven video games, and lifelong learning.