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This article shows what is Mastery in the Tree of Knowledge, why you should aim to master ideas, and how to achieve them. We'll also dive into credentials such as track certificates.

One prominent feature of the Tree of Knowledge is node mastery. This feature is only available for WeTheStudy members.

What is Mastery?

Mastery - "possession or display of great skill or technique." Our goal here in WeTheStudy is to ensure that you can prove your competency on the topic for every node you visit. It is a key to help you make your learning experience fruitful.

Why Master?

There are many reasons why to master, but here are the main ones:

  1. Mastering nodes will enable you to challenge yourself and see if you have understood the material. Every time you master something, you can take that as growth in your competency.
  2. Mastering a series of nodes, especially in a track, will let you obtain a certificate you can use.

Completion Versus Mastery

Completing is different than mastering nodes. Here's the difference:

  • You can think of completing nodes as a "pin" or "marker" - something you can attach to a node by clicking on "mark as complete" or removing it by clicking on "mark as incomplete." It is a feature to track your learnings. For example, if you've read the material but cannot master it, you can mark the topic as complete.
  • Mastery lets you test your competency regarding the topic. It's the means to credit your progress and obtain certificates. Mastery is a permanent action. Once you've mastered a node, you can't reverse it.

How to Master?

Press "Master Node" on the article page, and a quiz will appear. Answer the quiz successfully to master the node. To learn more about quizzes, click here.

What are Tracks?

Tracks are pre-defined collections of nodes. Usually, the track represents a topic, while the nodes relate ideas to it. For example, the track "Trigonometry" comprises nodes such as "The Right Triangle," "Trigonometric Functions," etc.

You can view the currently selected track on the bottom-right screen of the Tree. You'll see the track title, edition, and a progress bar. 

When you navigate the Tree, you'll notice some encircled nodes. These represent the nodes belonging to the currently selected track. 

You can change the selected track if you click on the same box. It will reveal a popup containing other track items. Clicking on one would change the currently selected track and the encircled nodes.

Tracks are guides to help you choose which nodes to master. Here's a general guideline on how to utilize these:

  1. Aim to master all encircled nodes to achieve 100% completion for that track.
  2. Once you've reached 100% completion for a track, you can have a "Track Certificate."

Please take note that tracks are dynamic! As the Tree evolves, the tracks also change! Click here to learn more about Tree Evolution and how it affects mastery and your track progress.

Track Certificates

When you complete a track, you can obtain a Track certificate. It is proof of your competency on the topic, which you can use in your personal or professional use, such as a resume attachment.

To download it, click on the button above the currently selected track once you have 100% completion. It will let you preview the certificate first before you can download it.

When you download, please take note of the following terms:

  1. Authenticity. The certificate is the property of WeTheStudy and is intended solely for the recipient.
  2. Verification. Anyone can verify the certificate's authenticity by contacting WeTheStudy or visiting a dedicated page (currently in development). Any attempt to forge or alter the certificate is unlawful and subject to legal consequences.
  3. Information Use. The information in the certificate is confidential and intended solely for the recipient's personal and professional use. Using the certificate's information for fraudulent or misleading purposes is strictly prohibited.
  4. Validity Period. In some instances, some certificates will have validity periods. The certificate is valid only for the specified course or program and the period mentioned herein. It may not be applicable for any other purpose or beyond the specified validity period.
  5. Disclaimer of Liability. WeTheStudy makes no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in the certificate. WeTheStudy shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from using or relying on the information included herein.
  6. Legal Consequences. Any unauthorized use, reproduction, or alteration of the certificate may result in legal action.

Course Certificates

At this point, WeTheStudy is developing its Tree. Once we've created more content, we're developing a feature to let you obtain a superior credential than track certificates.

Created On
January 14, 2024
Updated On
February 11, 2024

Edgar Christian Dirige


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